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Photography by Nadia Shash

IMPOTENT is a pitch-black comedy drama set in the murky world of a Market Harborough Genito-Urinary Medicine Department. Five men at different stages of their life and different stages of treatment for impotence are seen individually undergoing treatment with Dr Zoë Lane, a woman who has to penetrate, interpret and reprogramme the misfiring, and frequently overwired brains of her patients. Her patients are a mixture of men for whom sex is any or all of a reward, a curse, a threat, a justification and punishment.

We have found this show reviewed on a number of websites and here are some of their comments

“A really stand up play”
One Stop Arts

“This is a clever, well-written, well-structured play. It entertains while exploring the issue of impotence in today’s society.”
Everything Theatre

Impotent is a clever, well-written and well structured play. It entertains while explores the issue of impotence in today’s society. The show averages 4.5 ratings out of 5 ratings.

Impotent is being performed at Lion and Unicorn until January 26th, 2013.